I have finally found a cure.

After over 30 years of debilitating back pain, I have finally found a cure.   Strength training with Ari Zorn’s Boot Camp with a Heart. Exercising with Ari has changed my life. I have gone from being the occasional walker with great intentions but little motivation, to a diehard exercise fanatic. I am completely addicted to “boot camp.” Ari makes exercising fun and challenging but never impossible. And after years of seeing chiropractors, physical therapists, acupuncturists and doctors, the pain I suffered from for so long is gone. I went from barely being able to bend down to tie my shoes, to lifting weights I never would have thought I could lift.  I do pushups, abdominal exercises, and I have endurance and energy. I am stronger today at age 49, than I have ever been. I have lost 15 pounds, dropped 2 sizes, and I am amazed at my own strength. I feel more confident than I have felt in a very long time. I believe it is in part my own realization that this works, but also Ari’s dedication, his enthusiasm and non-judgmental demeanor that motivates me.  I exercise three times per week religiously and when I am at home I am either jumping on the trampoline, dancing, walking my dogs or hula-hooping!   Thank you Ari Zorn, and thanks to Dr. Heidi Zorn for introducing me to Ari’s class.  Kudos to Heidi for encouraging me to join Boot Camp in order to strengthen my core and alleviate my back pain. It worked!!!

— Jana Liaz

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