I owe these arms to Ari.

A friend gave me a hug the other day — we hadn’t seen each other for a year– and her first comment after Hello” was “Great arms!”  ”I owe these arms to Ari,” I told her.  I have been going to Ari’s Boot Camp for exactly one year, and it is one of the best classes I have ever taken (and I have taken many at many different exercise venues in the Berkshires and beyond)! Ari is attentive, he watches and corrects, added comma he has a sense of warmth and humor and professionalism that make me glad I made the decision to sign up for this class. The bonus is the other people in the group– all of them delightful, interesting, dedicated, and vital. Great arms are important as I advance in years– for lifting grandchildren, digging in the garden, and going sleeveless!

– Michelle Gillett

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